Lifestyle video concept for 10250 W. Sunset Blvd:

Mr. is at the office closing on his new house and is looking sharp, shown in black and white.

Mrs. is at home, looking comfy-chic, wandering her new property, shown in color.

Mr. studies a contract, signs. Mrs. explores the outdoor areas.

Mr. has a cup of black coffee, Mrs. makes a drink in the kitchen (split screen B&W/color).

Mr. packs up and leaves the office. Mrs. goes for a swim. 

Mr. drives a supercar home, Mrs. gets out of the pool looking tastefully sexy.

Mrs. changes and relaxes in the master bedroom, or a living area. Mr. pulls in with his car.

Mr. and Mrs. meet in a split B&W/color shot, and enjoy their incredible property at dusk.

2 minutes, 2 models, no dialogue; no/minimal focus on their faces as the goal is for the viewer to imagine themselves in the scene. Contemporary music, modern shotmaking style, property logo at the end, followed by Agency branding. This is focused 100% on lifestyle, functional use of the home, tells a story, etc etc.

Architectural video:

2-3 minutes, contemporary music; minimal, ideally no use of models. Brief use of a car for introduction/area. Extensive interior shots and aerial work. This is about the property; a potential client is spending $85 mil, so we showcase the product in a smooth, modern style, absent characters and distraction; it's about fixtures, finishes, and the features of the home/property that justify its price.